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Home of the lactation treats!

Flavor Favors is a PROUD advocate for breastfeeding mothers. We know that many Moms face challenges prohibiting them from producing enough breast milk to feed their children. Our lactation treats help Moms produce more than enough milk while offering a flavorful solution. 

Currently, we offer:

Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies

Oatmeal blueberry cookies

Chocolate chip brownies


Our lactation cookies are $10 per dozen, with a minimum order of 2 dozen required and $40 for a batch that includes 70 cookies or more. 


Our lactation brownies are $20 for 15 large brownies. 


ALL orders are made fresh to order. 


Our treats can be frozen in a proper, airtight container. 

The amount needed to consume for breast milk production varies. Some mothers only eat a few cookies and others eat a couple of dozen because of their flavorful taste. Any amount will produce immediate results, but it's best to combine them with a healthy diet. **We recommend eating a minimum of 2 cookies for every time you feed/pump in a day.**

Local delivery is optional for an additional $5. All out of city destinations are subject to their unique 2-day shipping cost. 



Our oatmeal chocolate chip cookie contains flaxseed meal, brewers yeast, oats, honey and a couple of other natural ingredients.



Testimonials/reviews from previous mothers and families can be provided upon request at no charge or hassle. We know how important feedback is for future families, so we ask that you collect as much data as possible to assist other mothers during this process.

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